Work Experiences

With Master Degree of Science from London, UK plus another IT Degree from Sydney Australia. Samrith has over 12 years working experiences in multiple industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Public Health sector, NGO and Higher Education (both government and private universities).

His current position is a CTO at a High-Tech company providing solutions, integration services to fiancial institutes and real estate businesses. Previously, he was a Lead IT Project Manager at national public health center under Ministry of Health in Cambodia sponsoring by CDC-US Embassy. Samrith used to be a Director of IT at a well known university as well as an IT Sytem Planning Manager at a largest Japanese Bank investing mutimillion dollars in this Kingdom.

In his earlier years, he was working for one of the giant International Life Insurance Company and then he entered a complied Standard ISO Telecom company in management level position. Samrith also used to be employed by another Naitonal Telecom Organization under Minitry of Post and Telecommunications for almost 4 years.

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